Skill list

Move to Eclage
MAX LV : 1
Skill Form : Supportive
Description : Warp to Eclage Town. 3 seconds of fixed casting. 5 minute reuse time.
Max Physical item attack rate
MAX LV : 1
Description : Max Physical item attack rate
16th Night
MAX Lv : 5
Required Skill : Ninja Mastery 5
Description : All fixed casting of any ninja skills
will disappear when this skill is used.
Variable casting time will reduce to half,
while MATK increases a certain amount.
1st Transcendent Spirit
MAX Lv : 5
Skill Requirement : Super Novice Spirit 5
Skill Form: Supportive
Description: Call upon the spirits of the most
powerful 1st Transcendent Class warriors ever
so that they can lend their powers to their
successors. This skill will increase every Stat
for friendly 1st Transcendent characters based
on their Base Level, but each Stat bonus will
not exceed +50.

[Lv 1]:460 SP, 150 sec duration
[Lv 2]:360 SP, 200 sec duration
[Lv 3]:260 SP, 250 sec duration
[Lv 4]:160 SP, 300 sec duration
[Lv 5]:60 SP, 350 sec duration
Accelerated Flight
MAX Lv : 5
Description: Temporarily increase Filir Homunculus"s
Flee Rate by pushing it to its physical limits.
[Lv 1]:Flee Rate +20 60 Sec Duration
60 Sec Cast Delay

[Lv 2]:Flee Rate +30 55 Sec Duration
70 Sec Cast Delay

[Lv 3]:Flee Rate +40 50 Sec Duration
80 Sec Cast Delay

[Lv 4]:Flee Rate +50 45 Sec Duration
90 Sec Cast Delay

[Lv 5]:Flee Rate +60 40 Sec Duration
120 Sec Cast Delay
MAX Lv : 3
Skill Requirement : Madogear License 1
Skill Form : Active / Buff
Description : Increase Madogear"s movement speed. An Accelerator must be equipped to cast and consumes 1 Magic Gear Fuel.
[Lv 1] : Skill Duration 60 sec.
[Lv 2] : Skill Duration 90 sec.
[Lv 3] : Skill Duration 120 sec.
Acid Bomb
MAX lv : 10
Skill Requirement : Bomb 5, Acid Terror 5
Description: Consume 1 Bottle Grenade
and 1 Acid Bottle to hurl the contents of both
items at a targeted enemy to inflict an amount
of damage affected by this skill"s level, the
caster"s ATK and MATK, the attack power of
his weapon, the target"s VIT, DEF, MDEF (soft
def and soft mdef in little portion) and works
with cards and equip modifiers of both
physically attacks, magic attacks, ranged
attacks, neutral attacks, race modifier, size
modifier). In PvP, Acid Bomb may damage
the targeted character"s Weapon or Armor.
This skill has a 1 second Fixed Cast Time
followed by a 1 second Global Skill Delay,
and consumes 30 SP per cast. Has a Skill
Level"s % chance to break weapon or armor
Weapon/Armor Damage Chance By Level

[Lv 1]Hits 1, 1% damage
[Lv 2]Hits 2, 2% damage
[Lv 3]Hits 3, 3% damage
[Lv 4]Hits 4, 4% damage
[Lv 5]Hits 5, 5% damage
[Lv 6]Hits 6, 6% damage
[Lv 7]Hits 7, 7% damage
[Lv 8]Hits 8, 8% damage
[Lv 9]Hits 9, 9% damage
[Lv 10]Hits 10, 10% damage
Acid Terror
MAX Lv : 5
Skill Requirement : Prepare Potion 5
Skill Form: Offensive
Target: Enemy
Description: Fling a bottle of corrosive acid
at an enemy that has the chance of damaging the
target"s armor or causing the Bleeding effect.
Each cast requires 1 Acid Bottle.
[Lv 1]:140% Atk, 3% Bleed/Armor Damage Chance
[Lv 2]:180% Atk, 6% Bleed/Armor Damage Chance
[Lv 3]:220% Atk, 9% Bleed/Armor Damage Chance
[Lv 4]:260% Atk, 12% Bleed/Armor Damage Chance
[Lv 5]:300% Atk, 13% Bleed/Armor Damage Chance
Acoustic Rhythm
MAX Lv : 5
Skill Requirement : Magic Strings 10
Skill Form: Ensemble Skill
Range: 9 cells
around the caster

Description: Cast an area that will endow
resistance to every element by a set amount,
as well as 50% tolerance to all abnormal
statuses, for every Party Member within its

[Lv 1]: +60% Elemental Resistance
[Lv 2]: +65% Elemental Resistance
[Lv 3]: +70% Elemental Resistance
[Lv 4]: +75% Elemental Resistance
[Lv 5]: +80% Elemental Resistance
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