Autumn Headband [1]

Autumn Headband [1]

Autumn Headband [1]
A hairband with an array of autumn leaves attached to it. It displays the beauty of an autumn forest for all to see.
Class: Headgear
Position: Upper
Defense: 10
Weight: 20
Requires Level: 100
Usable By: Ranger
Atk + 2 for every 5 base Dex.
Reduces the variable casting time of Arrow Storm by 100%.
Adds a 4% chance of restoring 1% of damage as SP when performing a physical attack.
If upgrade level is +9 or higher,
Increases the damage of Arrow Storm by 1% for every 5 base levels.

ID5898 (Autumn_Headband)
Sell price0z
CategoriesHeadgear (top)
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